What is Fiscal Monitor

Fiscal Monitor is a website that will allow citizens easy access to data on the budgets of the biggest municipalities in Macedonia. This page will present and analyze their revenues and expenditures in order to encourage discussion of how the taxpayer’s money is spent.

Besides the simple way of showing the main items of the budget revenues and expenditures in the last five years, on this website you can easily compare individual income and expenses between different municipalities.

Also, here you can compare the costs of municipalities per capita and see the ranking of the largest municipalities according to how much they spent on salaries, social benefits, capital expenditures, etc..

With these activities, our goal is to increase the transparency of the local government and to involve citizens in monitoring of the budget and to enhance their greater participation in the decision making about the spending of the taxpayer’s money. On the other hand, we want to influence the representatives of the local authorities to improve understanding the needs of the citizens for more accountable government, which will enhance not only the standards of responsible government, but will encourage greater democratic capacity on local and central level

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