NSDP: Municipality spent 12 million euros, but failed to realize any significant project

In four years the municipality has spent 12 million euros from the budget, but failed to realize any significant project that will improve the lives of citizens of Shtip.
The only project that is carried out is rebuilding of the town square and river Otinja platforms. But for these projects the municipality failed to allocate money from the budget, and borrowed from the World Bank, said the president of NSDP, Dimitar Efremov at a press conference.
He said that currently the most important are the cascading dams on river Bregalnica, but it remains unclear where the Municipality will find money to build.
Mayor Zoran Aleksov announced the project for cascades of river Bregalnica early in his term.

Source: TV Iris – Shtip, 06.07.2012

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Municipality of Strumica increased the budget for 2012

The Council of the Municipality of Strumica unanimously decided to increase the budget for the current year by rebalancing of 2.4 million euros. In addition, Strumica is the only municipality in the country that performs a positive rebalancing after the first six months of the year, unlike any budget institutions in the state that because the crisis has cut off budgets.
The increase in the municipal budget is over 32 percent. The largest inflow of funds in the budget is from the sale of the construction land and sale of property for individual and collective housing. Around one million euros will be used for building a secondary pipeline network in the city. Therefore, the municipality has withdrawn the request of the Ministry of Finance to issue municipal bonds for the extension of the gas pipeline network.
Otherwise, the budget of Strumica have weighed 459 million MKD, and with the rebalance it will amount to 607 million MKD.

Source: Telma, 06.07.2012

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4.5 million from the municipality of Kisela Voda for the monument of Todor Aleksandrov

The Municipality of Kisela Voda allocated 4.5 million MKD from its budget for a 5-foot sculpture of Todor Aleksandrov, who today was set in place “Cheshma” between “Prvomajska” and “Ivan Kozarov” streets. The sculpture called “Macedonian commander on horse” has height of 5 meters and a pedestal with a height of 3.5 meters, and according to the project, four reliefs in bronze will be placed on the pedestal with a total area of 8.4 square meters. In the next period the Municipality of Kisela Voda will also rearrange the surrounding area.

The pedestal was built by the company “Nela Ar” from Skopje which cost the municipality 3,281,000 MKD. The sculpture is made in the Serbian foundry “Jeremic,” that within six months poured out and deliver the sculpture in the municipality. The Ministry of Culture that realized the project, gave 21 million denars for the sculpture, which included the fees of the author of the sculpture, Mile Brceski.

Source: MTV, 26.06.2012

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The country spends more than it has

In the last three years, Macedonia reached debt of billion euros, while gross external debt reached 66.7 percent of GDP.
Budget deficit of Macedonia for the period of January-March was 4.2 billion or 0.9 percent of GDP. It is a consequence of the realized revenues totaling 31.8 billion MKD and expenditures budget totaling 36.33 billion MKD.

Source: Parliamentary debate on re-balancing the budget of RM

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Municipality of Centar will borrow 3 million euros for a new multi-storey garage

Municipality of Centar plans to borrow 3 million euros to spend on the building a multi-storey garage near “Nova Makedonija”. Therefore, the borrowing of the local government will reach 5.5 million euros. Recently, for the same purpose, a facility being built by MTV, the municipality borrowed 2.5 million euros. In this case, the municipality’s plan was to repay this money from the sale of parking space and business facilities.
So far, two biddings were supposed to be held for the sale of space in the building being built by MTV, however, not one square was sold, which means that the municipal account hasn’t got one denar on its account from the planned source for collecting additional funds that would be used for payment of the loan.
Source: Utrinski Vesnik, 11.06.2012

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