Municipality of Centar will borrow 3 million euros for a new multi-storey garage

Municipality of Centar plans to borrow 3 million euros to spend on the building a multi-storey garage near “Nova Makedonija”. Therefore, the borrowing of the local government will reach 5.5 million euros. Recently, for the same purpose, a facility being built by MTV, the municipality borrowed 2.5 million euros. In this case, the municipality’s plan was to repay this money from the sale of parking space and business facilities.
So far, two biddings were supposed to be held for the sale of space in the building being built by MTV, however, not one square was sold, which means that the municipal account hasn’t got one denar on its account from the planned source for collecting additional funds that would be used for payment of the loan.
Source: Utrinski Vesnik, 11.06.2012

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