Municipality of Strumica increased the budget for 2012

The Council of the Municipality of Strumica unanimously decided to increase the budget for the current year by rebalancing of 2.4 million euros. In addition, Strumica is the only municipality in the country that performs a positive rebalancing after the first six months of the year, unlike any budget institutions in the state that because the crisis has cut off budgets.
The increase in the municipal budget is over 32 percent. The largest inflow of funds in the budget is from the sale of the construction land and sale of property for individual and collective housing. Around one million euros will be used for building a secondary pipeline network in the city. Therefore, the municipality has withdrawn the request of the Ministry of Finance to issue municipal bonds for the extension of the gas pipeline network.
Otherwise, the budget of Strumica have weighed 459 million MKD, and with the rebalance it will amount to 607 million MKD.

Source: Telma, 06.07.2012

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