NSDP: Municipality spent 12 million euros, but failed to realize any significant project

In four years the municipality has spent 12 million euros from the budget, but failed to realize any significant project that will improve the lives of citizens of Shtip.
The only project that is carried out is rebuilding of the town square and river Otinja platforms. But for these projects the municipality failed to allocate money from the budget, and borrowed from the World Bank, said the president of NSDP, Dimitar Efremov at a press conference.
He said that currently the most important are the cascading dams on river Bregalnica, but it remains unclear where the Municipality will find money to build.
Mayor Zoran Aleksov announced the project for cascades of river Bregalnica early in his term.

Source: TV Iris – Shtip, 06.07.2012

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